Founder | Executive Director, SUKRUPA.


Founder | Executive Director, SUKRUPA.

Being a very curious person I am highly driven, passionate in all that I do, live by principles of honesty, integrity, humility, gratitude, and giving.

Growing up in the middle-class family in a neighborhood called Magadi Road in Bangalore, India, during the seventies in a society that was dominated by patriarchy and lack of opportunities for women, I could proudly say, I had an extraordinary childhood, my parents ensured I received a good education and instilled values. life was filled with giving, sharing, caring and helping those in need. As a family, we were evangelists for education and helped battered women. From my parents, I learned excellence comes from giving the best.

As a young girl, I loved reading and books were my closest friends, reading gave knowledge, gave a different perspective of life, motivated me to Dream Big to travel and see the world around.

As a teenager, I was sad to see poverty, girls not having equal opportunities, teenagers dropping out of school, I wanted to change that and I promised that I would.

After my college I became an entrepreneur in granite industry, that gave me opportunity to travel internationally and live in the US, However, I realized the purpose of my life was my teenage promise.

On my vacation to Bangalore in 2002 I set up SUKRUPA along with my mother. As a compassionate person, I am committed and persistent to pursue my passion and follow my dream.

It has been a fascinating journey ensuring that no dream is left behind and empowering people from all social segments to rise up and fly.

I am thankful for my extraordinary life, loving supportive husband, wonderful parents and siblings and all the children of SUKRUPA who have made my life magical.